igreja cristã maranata – a fraude da obra da maranata ganhando interesse internacional

Sorry to have to write in English, but I wanted to share a dream one brother in one of the USA churches had around the time of a major exodus of people:

“In the dream, I had an opportunity to share the Lord’s work with my friend… [afterwards] we went [together] to the [Maaniam] in Brazil and I introduced him to someone at the [Maaniam]. I was [surprised] to know that this person [with whom we were talking] did not understand the work of the Spirit. Then, [one of the members of the PES] stopped by. He looked old and his eyes were glassed over. He did not look good. Then, I felt concerned that I had brought my friend to this place where the Spirit once was present yet it was not the same now. During the dream, I saw moving cables on towers carrying people up the mountain in gondollas [e.g. like in “Pao de Acucar” in Rio, de Janeiro]. I also saw someone being dragged by the same cables [for the gondollas/”Bomde”] through mud in a similar way to bare foot [like someone who is] water skiing. I did not perceive a reverence for the Lord [in Maaniam]. It seemed more like Six Flags Great America [e.g. “Parque de Diversao”] than a house of prayer.”

Maybe someone can translate this to Portuguese. What’s significant about this dream is this brother is still in ICM here in the USA, and is loyal to the PES.
Olá, Anonwhy mously
Leio postagens suas na Comunidade Já Fui Um Maranata.
Não teria melhor tradução a oferecer todavia há quem possa fazê-lo bem melhor (e, claro, prefiro não citar nomes)

fonte: http://cavaleiroveloz.com.br/index.php/2012/08/sonhos-quando-ver-o-que-outros-nada-percebem/comment-page-1/#comment-16510